Ryan Fonkert Photography | About
I am a portrait and fine art photographer, currently based out of Minneapolis, MN. I specialize in conceptual fashion/fine art photography, and also shoot family portraits and weddings.

With weddings and other events, I love being able to capture all those little moments and emotions that add up to making a very special day. Properly captured and printed, these moments can be visually treasured for a lifetime. The staged portraits have their place, but it's the spontaneous moments captured that you'll truly treasure for a lifetime.

In addition to my portrait/fine art work, I also love to shoot street photography here in Minneapolis and landscape photography back in Colorado, where I lived for 15 years until just recently. To view my mountain landscape and wildlife work, please visit my Living Colorado website, which is focused solely on outdoor Colorado photography - landscapes, wildlife, etc. To view my Minneapolis street photography, please visit my Streets of Minneapolis website. It's all about capturing the people, places, and moments of the city, and is a much more journalistic style of photography than what you see in my fine art work.

Thanks for stopping by.