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If you're in the Colorado Springs area and looking for a photographer for your family or senior portraits, corporate head shots, model portfolio, engagement photos, or wedding or other family event, I hope you'll consider me to fulfill that need.  If you peruse my various portrait galleries, I think you'll see I have a knack for making my subjects look their best, and so far all my customers are happy customers. 


All package prices include an online gallery and web-resolution digital files for you to share via email, Facebook, etc.  Full-resolution digital files are also available for an additional fee.  You will also have the option to purchase prints of any image in any size, printed by one of the top print labs in the country.  I strongly recommend ordering prints of your favorite images from the session, as seeing those images on your wall, table, etc. is what getting professional photographs is all about.  (*Click here for notes on session times & pricing.)


If you're interested, here is a breakdown of my services:


Individual Portrait Session/Model Session

Sessions for individual portraits or model portfolios typically run around 90 minutes and bill at $325.  Up to two outfit changes are allowed.  I can offer a makeup artist for you if you wish, but that service is usually around an extra $100.  Most people just do their own, but it can be a nice service for those looking to try some more glamorous/creative looks, particularly models updating their portfolios.


Senior Portraits

If shooting at one location and limiting to two outfit changes or less, senior portraits are also about 90 minutes and bill at the same rate as the individual portrait session, $325.  However, if you wish to add locations and/or more outfits, the rate goes up $75 per additional location.  This can be well worth it, though, if you wish to have greater variety in your senior portrait album.  Also, if we shoot at multiple locations, the timeline obviously gets extended; we're not limited to 90 minutes.  Again, a makeup artist can be made available for an additional $100 if desired.


Engagement/Couples Sessions

Couples sessions are $375, and largely follow the same rules/timelines as the individual portrait sessions.  If you wish to add locations and time, it is $75 per additional location.


Family Portraits/Newborn Sessions

Family portrait and newborn sessions are typically around 2 hours and bill at $425 for a family of 4 or less.  Additional family members are $25/person.  The reason that I charge the same for newborn sessions as family sessions is because I believe newborn sessions should be full family sessions.  So yes, we'll definitely get photos of your little peanut all by her lonesome, but trust me, you're going to want photos of the rest of the family with her, too.  You will later want to look back and see what your family looked like together when your child was a baby.  And moms, don't worry that you haven't lost every pound of the baby weight yet.  Trust me when I tell you that not only does the rest of your family not care about such things, but they also think you look a lot better than you think you do.  So don't be so self-conscious!  Your little bundle of joy is going to be a teenager and then adult someday, and she's going to want to look back on those pictures and see Mom in them, too; to see what she and Mom looked like together when she was just an infant.



For weddings, please contact me and I'll give you a custom quote.  I don't publish set prices, as I try to put together a custom package that will best suit your special day, that is individual to you and suits your needs.


Event Coverage

If you would like me to cover your event, whether that's a family reunion or large convention or sporting event, please contact me and describe your event and needs, and I'll give you a custom quote.  I've shot for Sci-Fi conventions, sporting events, corporate Christmas parties, and various other events, and I'm sure I can provide you the coverage you need.



*Quick note about times and pricing:  Times are approximate.  If we're doing an individual portrait session for example, and we're still shooting at minute 91, I'm not going to abruptly end the session.  Such sessions might only be 60 minutes, or they might be two hours.  The times given are just the average time that is needed and allotted for such sessions.  Also, I don't book back-to-back sessions, so I'll never have to be in a rush to leave our session if we feel additional time is needed.  Prices, however, are fixed.  I'm cheaper than some and more expensive than others.  Don't call to negotiate down my price, because I won't.  I know not everyone can afford my prices, and I would suggest to those people that they simply find a cheaper photographer.  I'm offering a quality service for a fair price, and I stand by my pricing.  The one exception to this is that I will give a 10% discount to any active-duty military families who employ my services.